Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tresco and St Martins

Sat 9th Aug
After a restful night, the strong southerly winds started to drive us further up the beach so we hauled the anchors and crossed over the inlet to Tresco. St Martins will have to wait for a couple of days, but there’s plenty to explore in the meantime. If the rain ever stops. We are not sure if it’s ok to dry out on the beach, but we are very sheltered here so if no-one asks us to move, we should be well out of the way of the next set of gales that have been forecast.

Sun 10th Aug
Long walk round Tresco. Picked up a few supplies but discovered that the shop doesn’t provide plastic bags – if you don’t have your own bag, you have to pay £1.20 for a fabric one. As we only had a few bits and pieces, we stuffed everything we could into our pockets and carried half a pound of mince and a pack of sausages in our hands! Typical that the only time I forget to pop my Onya-back rucksack into my pocket, we need it.

Mon 11th Aug
We took the dinghy right across the bay to St Martins since it is unlikely we will anchor off Tean again. It’s a very quiet island but it has a lovely pub up on the side of the hill called the Seven Stones, where we had birthday lunch. Going out for dinner is going to have to wait until a decent restaurant and an evening that is not likely to produce a deluge coincide! We got soaked coming back in the dinghy as the wind had picked up a bit and waves were breaking on the beach. The dinghy got broad-sided by a particularly large wave and we were swamped. So we dragged the dinghy back up onto the beach, tipped all the water out and had another go…
It turned out to be the right decision to head back as within half an our of return, the heavens opened and it didn’t stop raining until after we had gone to bed.

Tue 12th Aug
Rain. The only word I had put in my diary for Tuesday so obviously getting wet is becoming somewhat monotonous! We are actually finally settling down to the cruising way of life – the mentality is much slower than we are used to and it’s taken a while to accept that maybe we will get something done on a particular day, or maybe we won’t. The notion of having time on our side is quite novel – it doesn’t actually matter if it takes 2 hours to get ashore and walk to and from the shop to do a bit of shopping for a single meal, whereas at home, it would be a nightmare.

Wed 13th Aug
Another chill-out day. I had an excellent massage which dug a lot of kinks out of my neck and shoulders and I just luxuriated in being pampered for an hour. It was another novel experience to have to wade ashore and walk up the beach to get there – my feet were covered with sparkling quartz sand which stuck like glue so I ended up going to the loos to wash it off before presenting myself at the therapists! Actually, I think we are probably a tad on the scruffy side for Tresco – there seem to be a lot of very posh accents in the bar and around the coastal paths and having looked up the Flying Boat Club on the internet, we have discovered why. It costs over £3,000 a week for each apartment in high season!!! I think we come under the category of “grotty yachties” rather than “snotty yachties” so I don’t think we will be partaking of the lobster bisque or cocktail mixes available for purchase in Tresco Stores ;-)

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