Thursday, August 14, 2008

Isles of Scilly

After over a week of not having mobile phone or modem signals, we are finally back online. It's taken me nearly an hour to get the mouse to cooperate, and I've rebooted 6 times so future updates might be a bit few and far between! Anyway, here are some brief updates on what we've seen of the islands so far:

Sun 3rd Aug
After moving the boat closer into the bay out of the swell, we walked across the island to Hugh Town. About halfway there, it started to rain again so by the time we got there, we were soaked again. Luckily the Bishop and Wolf was more than happy to accommodate soggy people and even soggier dogs, so we stopped for lunch and dried off a bit. The couple on the table next to us have been coming back to the islands for years and they couldn’t remember it ever being such bad weather at this time of year before. Great! Not quite what we wanted to hear!
When the deluge had slowed to a moderate downpour, we headed to the Co-Op to pick up some bits and pieces, then meandered back to the boat. On the way back, the rain finally gave up and the sun came out – it even got quite warm so things were looking a lot better by the time we finally got back on board, having done a 6.5 mile round trip.

Mon 4th Aug
Pippin’s birthday! After shaking one of her new teddies to death and suspiciously poking her crowing cockerel a few times, Pippin then tried to bury her new pig’s ear. After being prevented from digging out her lawn, she settled for stuffing it down the seat cushions and covering it with a blanket.More bright sunshine convinced us to go for a longer walk along the coastal path around the north side of St Mary’s to see the ancient barrows and look out towards several other islands like St Martins, Tresco and St Agnes. Eight miles into our 11 mile tour and it started to rain again so we arrived back on Talia like drowned rats. The place has now been nicknamed The Isles of Soggy because we haven’t managed to stay dry for more than a few hours in a row.
Spent half an hour pulling thorns out of Pippin’s face and legs after some over-enthusiastic rabbit-chasing.

Tue 5th Aug
Damp but slightly warmer day so we decided to laze about on Talia to try to avoid our daily wetting. Several of the boats previously anchored with us had moved off after quite a lot of swell came round into the cove overnight, but a new boat dropped anchor near us. When the couple came back from their walk, Mark invited them over for a cup of tea which they bravely accepted, despite Pippin doing her best to imitate a fierce protective guard dog by barking her head off at them each time they rowed past. Nick and Tina from Vandal (dinghy named Little Thug!) are based in Milford Haven and have spent several holidays exploring the Scillies and Ireland so they recommended lots of places for us to visit.
After we had spent some time on their boat drinking all their wine, we invited them back to Talia for the following evening.

Wed 6th Aug
After a very bouncy night where I didn’t get much sleep, I was feeling quite sick and it was obvious we were going to have to move. Vandal had internal lights switched on in the early hours of the morning, and they had already left by the time Mark woke up so we weren’t the only ones to suffer the change in wind direction.

We moved round to St Mary’s Harbour to get fuel and gas and to collect our new battery. We rafted on Ocean Warrior against the harbour wall for a couple of hours so we could fill the water tanks but then ended up staying the night as we weren’t allowed to dry out on the beach and the moorings looked just as bad as the anchorage we’d just left. Since we were so close to town, we did a load of food shopping, then I wandered around town with Pippin and dropped in on Scilly Pete for a chat. He checked the weather forecast and things are due to improve by Friday so he may come out for a sail.

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