Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Thur 14th Aug
Although it’s been very convenient to dry out on the beach, the swell means that we have a bumpy landing and lift-off and we have being meaning to move for a couple of days. Unfortunately, the strong winds have whipped up the seas to rough and very rough, so there’s no way we were going to poke our noses out of the exposed northern end of Tresco to move round into Green Bay. Today however, the seas have calmed right down so we’ve moved to Bryher. The guide books recommend Green Bay as a very sheltered anchorage for boats that can dry out, but neglect to mention the numerous little rocks scattered all over the beach! Luckily the sun cooperated by showing sand as turquoise and rocks/weed as dark patches, so we’re fairly confident that we won’t land on anything nasty when the tide ebbs.

Fri 15th Aug
We strolled around Bryher, getting wet as usual. We had a pasty & sausage roll from the little shop, eaten at Fraggle Rock Café (yes, THE Fraggle Rock of the children’s TV programme) as the chef was having a day off.
We met Phillipe & Chantal who I ‘rescued’ after they got the tide times wrong and were stranded on shore whilst their dinghy floated happily behind their yacht. Phillipe was attempting to hitch a ride on a sit-upon kayak but he looked very precarious and there wasn’t much room for the kayaker to paddle. As we were very close and Talia was still dried out, I waded ashore with our dinghy and took them back in a bit more comfort!
Later we went over in our dinghy to invite them back to ours for a coffee. They immediately insisted that we come on board their boat instead – having seen their expresso maker, it’s probably just as well. I very much doubt that Nescafe instant would have been appreciated!!

We are not very fluent in French and they were not very fluent in English, but we muddled through for a happy hour or so, mangling each other’s languages but still communicating pretty well.

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