Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Onward planning

We are chilling out to the point where my diary entries are minimal - nothing much happens from one day to the next. If (when!) it rains, we read and I stitch or write postcards. When the sun deigns to poke its nose out from behind the clouds, we take Pippin for a walk or meander to the Fraggle Rock Cafe for a drink. We are taking advantage of all the organic vegetables that are for sale on little stalls all over the place - they have so much flavour compared with anything we can buy from the little stores. We've also decided to experiment and bought half a dozen duck eggs instead of hens eggs. We haven't tried them yet though I'm not sure if they're supposed to taste very different or not.

Pippin is managing to create more adventures for herself. She had another dunking when she fell off the boat quite early one morning, before we'd really stirred ourselves out of bed. She'd gone out to shout at someone passing by in a dinghy for having the temerity to invade her space and when she didn't reappear, we weren't unduly worried as she often sits out on deck watching the world go by.

However, Mark heard some unusual splashing and after a little while, we decided we'd better investigate. Little Four Paws appeared to be struggling somewhat and the dinghy was very securely tied on, so I also got a dunking as I jumped in to grab her. After slinging her in the dinghy and dragging myself in, it took a few minutes for Mark to get us both back on board. Although it was quite funny, it was also a salutory lesson - munchkin is not a good swimmer so she must be supervised any time she goes out.

We are scrutinising the weather forecasts several times a day and we think we finally have a weather window that will allow us to head for Ireland. So unless something drastically changes overnight, we are planning to leave tomorrow for Kinsale, just west of Cork. After a few days of relative inactivity, we are both excited to be doing something and making more progress on our trip. This evening will be spent in preparing everything we will need on a 24+ hour passage, then it will be an early night and hopefully a bright day tomorrow.

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Carl and Co said...

Hope the weather stays good!
My post card must have got lost in the post,belalated Happy Birthday to Pips and Taz.
Look forward to an update from Ireland