Friday, July 24, 2009

Channel Islands Holiday - Part 8 Jersey - St Aubin Harbour

So we left Herm as soon as the tide would allow and had a cracking Sail all the way to Jersey. We went into St Helier and tide up on the waiting pontoon. We needed to collect a replacement "Spade" anchor from Blue Water supplies. Our old Aluminium had a bent shank. We picked up a new steel one. Sadly Tamsyn can hardly lift it but I am sure some with some weight training she will be fine!

We don't really like St Helier so instead we nipped off to St Aubin, a new harbour for us. What a delight, a really nice place. Nice well protected harbour, some lovely restaurants and free too ! And drying of course - we always find the "nice" places are drying both in the Solent and the Channel Islands/Brittany. Living here I could never have a fin keel but I am glad everyone else does as it keeps these places quiet for us !

The harbour wall also gave me a good chance to take a good shot of how our solar panels are arranged. Incidentally the Solar panels were a great success. We never plugged into power for the whole 3 weeks holiday and only ran the generator once - and even then only to run the laptop.

One of the restaurants we went to was apparently where a lot of Bergerac was filmed. I had a lobster Thermidor - but it was really Lobster, cheese and mushrooms - quite nice but not really Thermidor !

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