Friday, July 24, 2009

Channel Islands Holiday - Part 7 Herm Royal visit

So I have as much sympathy for the Royal family as a fish requires toothpaste but it was nice of them to drop by and was entertaining ! We didn't know about this in advance - the first thing we knew was when we saw people picking up the tiniest pieces of litter. As it was raining we didn't even get off the boat - all these photos were taken from our cockpit.

My ignorance of the Royals is such that I took a photo of anyone who looked smart in a suit and it was only afterwards that I realised I had actually managed to take some of the Wessex's.

Commentary on the movies courtesy of BBC Radio Guernsey. We were hooked ;-) We particularly liked the reference to the "media pack". As far as we could see this was one girl with long wet hair and a fluffy microphone !

Another classic was "Sophie is wearing ... reasonably flat shoes.."

That's all right then we can rest easy in our beds tonight. "The BBC ... due to the unique way we are funded..."


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