Thursday, September 11, 2008


Before leaving Glengarriff Harbour, we made a visit to Ilnacullin Gardens on Garinish Island. Pippin was allowed to come too so we spent a couple of hours wandering around, enjoying the sunshine. Mark opened his birthday presents ably assisted by Pippin, who was convinced that rustling paper meant there were biscuits somewhere nearby!

The following morning we crossed over the bay to Bantry itself. Although the scenery is beautiful, the town itself doesn’t have an awful lot to recommend it and though we had planned to have lunch ashore, we didn’t see anywhere to tempt us. In addition, Pippin wasn’t well after having a worming tablet the night before and she couldn’t walk properly, so we were hampered by having to carry her each time her back legs gave out. In the end, we took it in turns to whisk round SuperValu, grabbing essentials whilst one of us stayed with Pippin. We headed back to Talia and decided our anchorage wasn’t safe, so we had lunch then moved across to tuck in behind Rabbit Island for the night.

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