Thursday, September 11, 2008


After a fairly quiet night, but without much sleep due to Pippin being restless, we sailed back down Bantry Bay about 10 miles to the tiny bay of Adrigole. We tucked well in to try and get some shelter from the forecast southerly gales. Although still struggling with her back legs, Pippin is a lot better today and is able to jump up into the cockpit, though she still can’t manage the steps into the hulls. She seems to be getting a lot stronger and bounced around wanting to play, though I’ll have to get the vet’s advice about worming her in future as she always seems to have a bad reaction, though this is by far the worst.

We stayed in Adrigole for a couple of days as the gales meant we couldn’t move further down Bantry Bay and there wasn’t much point going back up! We managed one afternoon of lovely sunshine so we went for a walk to try and find a stone circle mentioned in the guide book (but without any directions). We didn’t find it, but saw several standing stones and had some amazing views across the mountains. We could easily spend another week or more here if it wasn’t for time constraints. Pippin is still improving and walked most of the 2½ miles, with only brief spells of being carried. A delightful highlight was seeing an otter playing and fishing around Talia.

One of our batteries has died so instead of finding a new anchorage, we’re going to have to go back to Castletownbere to the chandlery to replace it.

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