Friday, June 6, 2008

We've sold our MacGregor!

A bitter-sweet moment as the funds have transferred and her new owners are due to pick her up later this afternoon. After almost exactly 5 years of ownership (we signed the paperwork on 14th June 2003), Bidelphis will be going to a new home in about 2 hours time.

So I've taken down the blog with all her photos and full inventory and have deleted one web ad, with another edited to say SOLD. I now have to let one disappointed potential owner know that he was pipped at the post and that he won't be able to collect her next week after all. He wasn't prepared to commit to an offer until his co-owner had also seen the boat, and our buyer came up with an offer and a commitment to complete the deal within 24 hours. So rather than hold out for the sake of possibly getting a few pounds more, we decided to get the deal done and dusted.