Thursday, June 5, 2008

A few weekends

So we have been out for a few weekend trips recently. And here are some of the
photos and a very brief write up.

For the first May Bank Holiday we had Force 6/7 winds on the stern quarter and so
shot to Poole after a rolly anchorage at Calshot on Friday night. At one point we
had 13 knots on the log during a surf and sustained 9 knots through the water for
over 1/2 and hour - what a ride!

This was after a very slow start when the engine cooling water failed again - we
finally diagnosed it as mud blocking the raw sea water intake.

We anchored up for a quiet evening behind Long Island, a favourite spot of ours,
and went for a run ashore at Shipstal point to see the deer.

We took advantage of the lull between Gales to come back the next day and had a
pleasant sail along the coast picking up a sea breeze of F3/4 which enabled us to
sail all the way up to Hurst spit where we anchored behind in the lee for the
next Easterly Gales. We spent two nightswhilst the winds howled overhead
but our trusty Spade anchor held securely.

We finally motored back in very light winds back to our River Itchen berth on
the Tuesday.

The second weekend we went out was with our friends Caroline and Jon and their
new baby Michael. We only had light winds which was probably fortunate as Jon
hadn't really sailed before. We messed around in almost non-existent winds trying
to show our guests our sails before finally giving up and anchoring opposite
Island Harbour in the river Medina.

We were treated to a lovely dinner at the Island Harbour Bistro by Caroline and
Jon and had a slow motor back on Sunday in still non-existent wind but very nice
Bacon butties underway.