Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ramsgate to Dover - 31/03/08

We slipped the lines at 10:20 and radioed Port Control for permission to leave, set a course for the North Quern cardinal and followed the cost round to Dover. The conditions were immediately completely different from the tip to Dover. Flat seas and sunshine.

It wasn't long before we were sighting the famous "White Cliffs" - we had no wind but with a ripped Genny we were happy to motor in the calm. With the tides soon sucking us into Dover harbour it wasn't long before we were in protected wasters again. We did have to wait before being allowed to enter, but they were very polite and efficient.

We were soon motoring up into the inner harbour where the marina basins are.

By 14:00 we were all tied up and enjoying a relaxing beer on the foredeck.

Dover did charge us 1.5 times, apparently we could have avoided this by going in the locked tidal basin but we wanted the flexibility of access times. The were very polite and it only came to £31.50. We walked in town and did some stocking up on supplies before getting an early night.