Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dover to Folkestone - 01/04/2008

The plan, as ever was different from reality. We hoped to get to Eastbourne but were headed into very strong winds as soon as we left Dover harbour and so diverted to Folkestone. We took shelter in the lee of the breakwater of the disused Ro-ro ferry entrance. It was only 7 miles achieved but it took us 4 hours. Of course as soon as we anchored it all started to calm down but by that point we had had enough for the day.

Anchored in Folkestone harbour the morning after the night before - no sign of the gale force winds and horrific seas now! Looking back towards Dover.

Clear skies and little puffs of cloud - it never ceases to amaze us how quickly the weather can turn from one state to another within a few hours.

Sharing the anchorage with the Coastguard. There didn't seem to be anyone on board that we could see but they had their generator running non-stop the whole time we were there.

More antics to get Pippin ashore. This time Tamsyn has to row against wind and tidal eddies to reach the old ferry wall and the ladders.

After testing the ladder, Tamsyn is somewhat precariously perched on the bow of the dinghy trying to unclip Pippin from the boat and clip her onto the harness across Tamsyn's shoulder.

Even more precarious perching, in the attempt to get a reluctant puppy into position so Tamsyn can have two hands free for climbing 40 feet up the ladder!

First part accomplished, now all they have to do is get to the top, go for a walk and reverse the whole process to get back to the boat.....