Sunday, August 15, 2010

Channel Islands 2010 - Sark - Derrible

After a couple of days at Portbail we made tracks back to Sark. We ran out of wind towards the end and had to motor the last bit before arriving at Derrible Bay. We found a sweet spot to Anchor right inside the bay and using our minimal draft tucked in front of everyone else. I really had the anchoring cracked with me just being able to stand up with my feet on the bottom at low water at the stern and still just missing the rocks.

We had a swim around the bay off the back of Talia in this gorgeous setting and bumped in to Cedric and Jane who were on a monohull anchored just behind us whilst swimming. We ended up splitting the night between our cockpit and their saloon imbibing generously in both and needless to say everything was quite fuzzy the next morning. Anna experienced the rocking of a monohull and was pleased to return to the gently swaying Talia. I was just pleased not to fall out the dingy on the way back.

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