Sunday, August 15, 2010

Channel Islands 20010 - St Aubin

St Aubin was, as ever, gorgeous and we enjoyed some fabulous food – most noticeably at “the Salty Dog” which served the best lobster I have ever had. We were only just able to sneak in to the harbour as it was quite busy and there were some scaffolding in place as they were apparently repaired the harbour wall. We stayed for several days and attempted to work off our lovely food with what turned out to be a cycle all the way round Jersey. This turned out to be a long way at over 40 miles with some not inconsiderable coastal hills but was satisfying nonetheless. On the last night before we left we met up with Aleck and Chris from Dragonslayer – at 45 foot the Catalac dwarfed poor little Talia. We enjoyed wine and nibble in their saloon – it was so big it was difficult to know where to sit!

One day…

(but as they said they still passage plan at 5 knots – for a 45 footer I don’t think it will be a Catalac – I passage plan at 5 knots and I am only 33 feet but that’s why the accommodation is so big – you pays your money and takes your choice)

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