Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Isle of Wight Festival

So I took Talia to the Isle of Wight Music Festival - we had myself, Anna, Barry, Andy,
Amy, Lee and another Amy onboard.

Seven on board made it pretty busy buy we got visited by Karen, Sarah and Caroline
during the weekend as they were staying on the camp site which made us busier still.

Have the catamaran in the marina was definitely preferable do staying on the rather
smelly Campsite.

The gigs were fantastic - especially Pink and Paul McCartney but as this is a sailing
blog I won't go into more detail here.

It was brilliant to be able to be a so many gigs and walk back to the boat for as
decent night sleep. And decent showers.

The sailing itself was sadly quite uneventful and we motored a lot the way there and back.

Someone, somewhere, not part of my party seemed to have forgotten their boat and instead slept of a big night on the pontoon !

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