Monday, August 3, 2009

Near misses during Cowes week

Another cracking trip, Lymington again (what can I say the mooring is easy and Kings Head always does good food) this time with Dave, John and Lois.

Saturday was long beat all the way both up Southampton water AND along the Solent as the wind shifted. The fact that the Solent was packed due to Cowes week made things a little interesting. Plenty of near misses, all perfectly timed of course. We did our best to avoid racing fleets but the Solent was packed. A light wind behind us made us miss the midday tide on the way back on Sunday.

But with blue sky's we and sunshine weren't very bothered and anchored up in Osbourne bay for a late lunch. After sailing off the anchor (including some nifty last minute sailing backwards by backing the main to avoid running out of water) we sailed all the way home.

A cracking reach at about 7.5 knots all the way from Osbourne bay to the end of Southampton water. We ghosted back down the River Itchen and made it to within 200 feet of our pontoon before switching on the engine. We knew we didn't have enough water anyway to get back on so were in no rush. When we did get back there we found a monohull stuck in the approach channel but he soon lifted off and we got in 3.5 hours before high water.

Top crew, top weekend, top sailing. The sailing really brought a smile to my face. But very tired at work now !

PS Why didn't I take any photos on Sunday when it was lovely and sunny !

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