Friday, July 24, 2009

Channel Islands Holiday - Part 5 - Herm Sunday night

So we knew it was a mistake to go to Herm at the weekend. It's full of local mobos nipping over for a Sunday lunch or a barbie on the beach - it's a tiny little harbour so there would be no room. BUT by this point we had really got fed up of the swell in Havelet bay. So I figured if we went over for the Sunday midday tide we everyone else would be leaving - not so it was packed as the photos show. We motored in, had a look round, motored out, too a buoy outside, went back in the dinghy to see if there was space, came back and decided we might need to anchor elsewhere, motored over to Rosiere steps, didn't like the look of that, came back to another buoy outside but decided we couldn't ground on that and were just about to leave completely when one boat left so we snuck in and took the bouy. Sorted. In a most delightful spot.

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