Friday, July 24, 2009

Channel Islands Holiday - Part 11 Écréhous

We left St. Aubin with the tide and had plans to sail south and go into St. Germain Sur Ay. This was a VERY drying harbour and by the time we got there - about 10 miles from St. Aubin - all the water had well and truly gone. Anchoring off the entrance channel looked non existent and I was worried about being neaped so instead we sailed back North and investigated the Ecrehous - a small bunch of rocks which are nearly covered at high water about 6 miles North East of Jersey. We anchored initially but when the one and only visitors buoy became free we nabbed it. At lower water it dries (again you see what I said) at High water it is like being anchored in the middle of the channel. I found it a fascinating place and make no excuse for the amount of photos. Tamsyn however thought it was "just a bunch of rocks" and never went ashore! We used a bit of quiet time to replace the very worn Spinnaker Halyard - which also gave me an excuse to climb halfway up the mast and take a shot of Talia below. It was particularly nice when a seal kept swimming round the boat - I struggled to get a decent photo though. On the way out we spotted dolphins but I was too busy dodging rocks to get any photos at all.

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