Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bembridge Beach...

So we took off early and came back late for an extended Bank Holiday weekend.
First stop was Priory Bay - a bit bumpier than we expected but it was a good chance to beach the boat and scrub off the anti-foul. One of the few disadvantages of a Catamaran is the amount of hull to scrub!

Then on to Bembridge beach where we didn't realise but a "Catamaran Cruising Association" meeting was taken place. We got talking and ended up going to Brading Haven Yacht Club with them for the evening. 

We were very nearly "parked" upon by not club cat driving up the beach, missing us by a few inches and then trying to break our Anchor chain with their prop. Perhaps unsurprisingly she was for sale...

Then on Monday back to the Folly to for a quite anchor up. We tried out our new Anchor Ball/Light arrangement.

When we finally got back to our pontoon we spied some ducks fast asleep on someone else's sugar scoop.

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