Friday, February 6, 2009

Staying connected

So on the cruise last year how did we stay connected ?

Well firstly we got power for our laptop with our impressively quiet Honda Generator- an EU10. Obviously it was also charging the batteries at the same time.

The quietest Genny I have heard and it has a neat switch to turn down the revs when not much power is being drawn. We are still careful/considerate when we use it but it would rarely disturb anyone.

Where there were Wifi signals were available we used our Repeatit Long Range Antenna. Whilst it can be permanently mounted we couldn't see how this was going to work when sailing so we mostly just balanced it on the roof when in an Anchorage.

We also had a 3G dongle. Sometimes there was Wifi and no 3G and sometime the reverse so to stay in touch it was good to have both.

Although the Repeatit is directional this rarely posed too much of a problem and we regularly picked up usable signals over a third of mile away.

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