Monday, November 3, 2008

Bonjor pour bateaux Physalie

Back in August when we were anchored of Green Bay on Bryher we "rescued" a charming French couple. All the boats regularly dried out as the tide went out a long way. Even when it was "dry" we got into the habit of dragging the dinghy up the beach but then invariably dragged it back down when we arrived back at our early boat after a walk ashore.

But Philippe and Chantal, the engaging French couple onboard yacht Physalie thought they has the tides mastered and left their dinghy on board when they went ashore. We caught up with them trying to balance on the front of a kayak to get back to their yacht with out getting wet. So we offered them a lift in out much more suitable dinghy and managed to communicate with our broken French and the rudimentary English.

A cup of tea and some cakes later on board their yacht and we were firm friends ! We swapped email addresses and they have just got back in touch with some photos of us aboard their boat.

They also have some of their videos on the web here

As they live in Perros Guirec we hope to call upon them on a future years cruise.

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