Thursday, October 2, 2008

Homeward bound

After a week of sunning ourselves, the easterlies finally gave up and we sailed from Tean in the Scillies to Falmouth in about 11 hours. After a day off to rest, we picked up strong westerly winds (with 3 metre seas!) and sailed / surfed our way back to Cawsand Bay just outside Plymouth, averaging over 6 knots under genoa alone. Excitement for the day was provided by the Royal Navy who were on exercise in the area doing live firing practice. After Tamsyn called the warship to check we weren't in the firing line, it rapidly became apparent that actually we were in the danger zone! After a few exchanges with the warship, then with safety control, it was established that their helicopter had us and a few other yachts under observation and we were permitted to proceed on course, with a warning to stay 1.5 miles clear of a certain point.
We actually ended up passing within about 400 metres of the ship whilst it was firing (in the opposite direction!) and watched it turn around a couple of times to present alternate sides to the firing area. Very impressive sight, though somewhat alarming at first.....

We are heading eastwards again tomorrow, aiming for Brixham, then will probably take 2 or 3 hops to get back to the Solent, rather than the long haul straight back.

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Anonymous said...

You picked the perfect opportunity to go. Hope the rest of the sail back is just as good for you.
P e t e