Thursday, September 4, 2008


So the select readership out there in e-world have been complaining about my photos. The latest one was so amusing I thought I would post it ;-)

"By the way, I couldn’t help but notice that the ratio of Tamsyn:Mark photographs is outrageously skewed by a factor of some 8:1. Whilst on some level this is understandable (who would want to look at your face repeatedly?), I feel that the principles of yin and yang ... require that both beauty and beast are present in equal measure. I suggest the following simple routine to rectify the matter.

1 shot of the other each, per landing, looking moody/artistic/sexy/stressed as the mood takes you

1 shot of both of you, per landing, holding a recent paper under the caption “It’s OK Mom, we’re not dead”

I am not sure I will be taking my learned friends advice. But dear readership your continued feedback is appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark and Tamsyn,

Great to hear / read from you. You are so right getting and sailing away from the ratrace! Although I am not complaining at the moment, because I am really enjoying my new job. So far not regretted one moment my decision to leave the food- / biscuit industry / United Biscuits and start a new carreer in the running business.
Mark, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You will hopefully have a good one in Ireland (?). Cheers, take care, lots of love from Marloes & John