Sunday, September 7, 2008


Our next plan was to make a short trip past some of the islands to Crookhaven, but the weather forecast indicated that more gales were due within 24 hours and winds were likely to remain strong for a couple of days after that. Instead we had a long day bashing round to Castletownbere (full name Castletown Bearhaven!) where we tucked into a tiny spot between numerous moorings and plenty of rocks! We were well sheltered from the next set of gales that came in so we achieved our main objective.
Mark was adamant that he wanted pictures taken outside McCarthy’s Bar with him holding the book of the same name that has a picture of the same bar on its cover. We found the bar and discovered the author of the book had photo-shopped its name to suit the book title! Once inside, we found plenty of people, though they were mostly tourists, or film crew who are making a film allegedly based in Castletownbere, but actually mainly being filmed in another village that looks more authentically Irish.

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