Saturday, September 20, 2008

Loch Hyne and Castle Haven

Loch Hyne was a beautiful spot where a freshwater Loch is only connected by the narrowest piece of water to the sea. We dinghied through the "rapids" and then could get back for several hours until the tide reversed. We spent a couple of night here before moving on.

We anchored upriver of the village, Castletownshend, although it was difficult to find a space amongst all the moorings. The first afternoon, we went across the far side of the river to Reen though there was nothing to be seen other than the pier.
On venturing to Castletownshend the following day, we were shocked to read the notice about the contaminated water up by the shop as there was no indication by the tap on the quay and we had planned to put more water in the tanks. I guess as it’s out of season now, they’re not really thinking of visiting yachts and the locals would all know anyway.
We were a bit disappointed with the village – the guide books had led us to believe it was larger than it actually is. One of the two pubs has closed down and neither of the restaurants looked like they had been in business for a while either, with tractors and diggers in the yard of one of them. The remaining pub wouldn’t let Pippin in, which is the first time we’ve encountered that so far in Ireland. At least we’ve had some sunshine for a couple of days so September is turning out to be a lot better than August in that respect.
We’ve had no mobile or internet access for a while but I did manage to find a postbox so I could let people know we’re still alive via snail mail.

A major grouch is for MarineCall who advertise weather forecasts via mobile phone text message in the current edition of the PBO Almanac. When we tried, three times I got a text back saying that the location I had entered was not recognised by their system, even though each one was exactly as stated in the Almanac. What really narked us was the suggestion at the end of each text saying we should look up the current locations on the internet. If we had access to the internet, we wouldn’t need their rip-off text messages as we could get as many forecasts as we wanted free of charge!

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