Monday, August 4, 2008

Helford River

Mon 28 July
Did a load more food shopping, filled up with water, diesel and petrol and got wet getting everything back on board as the fine weather has finally broken. We headed out to the Helford River and as there were strong headwinds, we motored since we needed to recharge the batteries as usual!

Anchored just past the last of the moorings as there are oyster beds further upriver and anchoring is prohibited. We had plenty of rain and the forecast has changed to strong winds over the next couple of days so we may be here longer than originally anticipated.

Tue 29 July
More heavy rain and freshening winds means there are white caps on the river, even this far inshore. Having picked up the forecast, with lots of strong winds on the nose and thundery rain, we have decided to sneak much further up the river on the rising tide and dry out tonight and possibly tomorrow as well. According to the guide book, we may be able to tie up on the quay at Gweek – there are more facilities than we would have expected, plus a seal sanctuary, so it sounds quite an idyllic little place to hole up for a couple of days.

Wed 30 July
Gweek turned out to be very over-hyped. We crept up cautiously, got within sight of the very dilapidated boat yard and quay and decided to turn around and anchor a bit further down river just before the start of the oyster beds. We ended up dropping the hook near Tremayne Quay where we went ashore to walk through woods owned by the National Trust.

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Ocean Escape said...

Hello to both of you (and Pippin!)

I've just spent an enjoyable half hour catching up on your blog. You have a very entertaining and readable style of writing.

I'll be back!