Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More rubbish weather

Well another dismal weekend weather-wise. The Eberspacher was definitely put to the test with snow on piling up a couple of inches thick on the mainsail cover at one point.

When it wasn't snowing/ sleeting or bitterly cold we had Gale force winds again for the first part of the long weekend.

So sadly Talia never left the pontoon.

We did a few jobs on board again (I am running out of things to do without some better weather to do it in). In particular we removed the ugly and serious fire hazard that was the oil lamps that dominated the main cabin. (Not to mention saving a couple of extra kilograms of weight)

We did manage to break the main engine hatch cover - the wood had just rotted through at the hinge but we made a repair with a block of wood, some bolts and epoxy. Ultimately the cover needs replacing anyway.

We came home a day early and passage planned our delivery trip home.

All eyes now on the forecast for next weekend and, weather permitting, our delivery trip "home".
Conditions on the pontoon