Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In the begining

So it’s started. From small acorns do oak trees grow. Or maybe more appropriately that should be from ripples do tidal waves grow. Actually maybe this is a bad choice of analogy considering one day we want to sail off in to the blue yonder - let’s start over.

We are buying a new boat.

A Catamaran, a Prout Quest 33 to be precise. This won’t be the boat we will sail away on BUT it is a catamaran and is the first real practical step we have made towards fulfilling our dream. This is the practice boat we will have for the next five years or so whilst we build up our experience We are still many years from slipping the lines for good and sailing off over the horizon but this boat whilst small enough (we hope) to fit into our Solent berth is larger enough for us to gain some true offshore experience.

And today we are having the survey done. I am both excited and anxious to see what the surveyor comes up with.

Our previous boat, a MacGregor 26X, whilst much mocked by many we have enjoyed immensely and found a very flexible start to sailing. But it is time to move up a gear, to have a real Diesel engine, hot and cold running water, a shower, a heater, mains electricity and space, so much space.

We looked around many boats, and asked much advice, as ever the forums were useful.
We asked for some specific advice from about brokers and offers and got some great replies on

And now we are buying a new boat...